About Me


Hello, dear visitors, and thank you for looking at my blog!
My name is Abeni Matthews. I am 21 years old and currently an Advertising-Public Relations junior at the University of Central Florida. Living in Florida for 17 years, I am originally from New York City; being born in Manhattan and living in Queens until we moved to the West Palm Beach area. Because NYC means a lot to me and has helped make me into the person I am today, my main desire after I graduate is to be able to move back up and live comfortably while working in on of the biggest ad agencies in the city.
My interests in this field lie within the areas of social media and copywriting. I love to write about various topics and consider myself an avid amateur; finding inspiration in the most mysterious ways. I also have a love for using, and learning about, social media and experimenting with the newest platforms found in the App Store. If I were to choose which social media platform(s) are my favorite to use, I would definitely go with Twitter and Pinterest; the former for its simplicity and its benefit of quick communication and the latter for discovering new ideas, inspiration, and sharing your expertise with other users around the world.

Contact Me!

Email: cliffiesgirl@gmail.com
Twitter: @actualcanary
Pinterest: @AbeniDarling