Analytics and Metrics – A Final Note

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From the beginning of this semester, I started this blog, naturally, on a clean slate: no followers, no views, no comments, nothing. From February to now, this blog has made at least a little bit of progress in terms of analytics and metrics. According to the above analytics for my blog, my latest blog post about HP and their audience analysis has had only one view from the time that I posted it. From the day that I took these screenshots of my analytics (today), there has only been one view and one visitor of this blog from today (to be fair, this visitor was myself taking a look at the overall theme of my blog and wondering if I should change the layout again!). Looking at the overall stats for my blog and the 4 posts I have made (not including this one), there have been a total of 19 views, 12 unique visitors, and February 22nd was the best day with 4 views on my blog. The most popular day of the week was Monday which garnered 50% of total views, and the most popular hour was 6:00 AM which garnered 31% of views. As of today, there are no comments, followers, tagged posts or pages viewed, and publicize followers recorded. Going a little bit deeper, February was the most popular month in terms of views with a total of 11 altogether. Also, there has been a total of 5 unique visitors in that month.

For this blog post, I will talk about a couple of metrics usually used to measure the overall success and impact of something on social media: audience growth rate and reach. The audience growth rate is defined as the rate that the social audience has grown over a period of time in comparison to the previous time period(s); whether it is last week, last month, or last year. For my blog, the audience growth rate has honestly not increased by a large amount from the past few months to now. When thinking of how I could use this specific metric to improve my blog, I feel that maybe I could start by sharing my posts on my social media, especially Twitter. Another idea for this improvement would be to use hashtags in my tweets when sharing my posts; this will help to increase the number of people who see my post. Twitter is practically the most useful social media tool for this because of the fact that so many people use it and searching trends is as simple as can be.

The other metric I want to discuss is that of reach: the size of the audience that I’m able to communicate with; in other words, how big actually is my audience right now? When looking at my blog and the audience that it has currently, it is not very big, especially when you consider the number of visitors it has had throughout the semester. I could apply the same method for increasing the audience growth rate to also increase my reach, therefore increasing the audience size. These two are doubly important metrics to use because when you track them, you will be able to learn more about your audience and how many people come to visit your blog over a period of time.